The Task

At Trak we produce a wide range of bespoke dishwash handling systems and warewashing conveyors to compliment the needs of your commercial catering facility. Our focus is to make life in and out of dishwasher rooms easier, through efficient processes and easy to use tray deposit sections, meaning dishes can be quickly and efficiently loaded and transported into the dishwash area and machine.


The products we develop are specially designed and manufactured to increase staff efficiency by reducing the manual handling within the tray clearing and dishwash process. Each product can be tailored to suit the customers requirements, meaning every project is different as the combination of the conveyors is bespoke to the operation.

Range of Products

Key Benefits

Our highly efficient systems ensure an increased return rate to the dishwash area, with an easy to use tray deposit area for guests, which also boasts a high capacity meaning minimum space is required. The equipment, which comes in a range of materials and colours to blend into its surroundings, also allows the user to keep operational costs down as no staff are needed to operate it.