Tray Clearing Conveyors

Tray Clearing Conveyors

The tray cleaning conveyors by Trak have been specially designed and developed to ensure maximum efficiency for the user, with two different options available to suit your personal catering needs and requirements. Both our Cleartrak and Cordtrak systems are used for clearing trays from restaurants areas and are manufactured to suit the layout of the restaurant.

Cleartrak System

With its distinctive features and three different models, the Cleartrak System is one of the most efficient tray return systems we provide. 

With a unique tray system, the return rate to dishwash area is highly efficient, meaning less staff are needed. Our conveyor models also have a high capacity tray deposit that requires minimum space and is easy to use for guests. The panels and carriers on the conveyors are available in stainless steel and can be painted with any RAL colour to match with the interior design of the restaurant.

Cleartrak HiLo – System​

Built to ensure that all tray clearing is consistently covered, this system comes with a range of options.

Cleartrak Compact Plus – System

Suitable for thicker walls or columns, this system ensures manual handling is kept to a minimum.

Cordtrak System

The CordTrak System conveyors can cover almost any distance between the tray deposit in the restaurant and the dishwash area.

These specific conveyors can be used when the deposit area is remotely positioned away from the dishwash area, with the tray deposit allowing easy use for guests. This system also reduces operational costs through eradication of the manual tray return, and there is the possibility of matching the conveyors to fit the interior design of the restaurant and for fully automated tray washing.

CordTrak System​

Manufactured from 304 stainless, this user friendly conveyor ensures lower operational costs as staff are not needed for the tray return.

Cord Conveyor-Bends

Bends can be built into this system to ensure that the exact configuration of the equipment fully matches your requirements.

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Cord Conveyor – Standard Components

To ensure an effective operation, this conveyor comes with various options including start and stop buttons.

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Special Sections

Our systems can be fitted with special sections, including inclines and declines, to ensure smooth transitions between conveyors.