Cordtrak System

Cordtrak Conveyor Tray Clearing Conveyor Return

Getting the trays from the guest area into the dish wash room is not always an easy task. We offer the ideal, efficient and cost effective solution that can be tailored to suit the customer individual needs. With the flexibility of the Cordtrak Tray Conveyor we can overcome most obstacles from remote dishwash area’s which can be easily covered, to difference in floor levels any issue can be solved. Cordtrak Tray Conveyors can also easily be integrated with Towertrak Systems or Spiral Systems to go between floor levels. The complete answer to any difficult dishwash location issues.

The Key Benefits

  • Can be used when deposit area is remotely positioned away from dishwash area.
  • operational cost reduction because of no need for manual tray return
  • tray deposit easy to use for guests
  • Low height deposit
  • Minimal footprint only 500mm wide.
  • Various bend details available to overcome all conveyor routes.

Features & Logistics A Calculated Approach

A Cordtrak Tray Conveyor covers almost any distance between tray deposit in restaurant and dish wash area. This can be tailored to fit in line with interior designs and tray deposits, making it easy to use for guests.

With Cordtrak there is a possibility for fully automated tray washing. Deposit sections can be supplied in different materials ie Granite, Corian or Stone to match servery area and the fascia panels can be fitted to suit restaurant design. This is suitable for all tray sizes, even trapezoid trays and warwick style trays can be used.