Why Being Made in Britain Is More Important Than Ever

When it comes to quality here in the UK, the Made in Britain stamp is so prestigious. UK consumers need products they can trust, and knowing their products are manufactured here in the UK, especially as we’re going through Brexit changes, can make all the difference.

Brexit has slowed down global shipping dramatically resulting in huge delays and even a rise in costs. Choosing to manufacture our products here in the UK eliminates these problems and helps us provide the best possible products to our customers.

Just how and why are products Made in Britain sought after more, and how can customers benefit from our ways of working?

Made with quality in mind

Products that are made at UK premises make the whole manufacturing process easier. We know exactly which materials are used when manufacturing our products instead of relying on a third party manufacturer. As manufacturing is carried out here, we can constantly quality check our work and ensure that nothing is below the standard we’d expect for our products. 

A varied skill set

As our manufacturing is done here in Britain, we can ensure the most skilled staff work on each product’s design and manufacture process. With a bigger base in the UK, we can create a network of professionals dedicated to the Trak brand which we can develop over time. One dedicated team means more care and attention is poured into our products.

Faster processes

From project communication to designing and manufacturing our products, we can offer a quick turnaround time due to our products being made in Britain. Long shipping delays are eliminated and we can source our components faster in order to give our customers what they need quicker.

Carbon footprint is reduced

Purchasing products that have been manufactured here in Britain means our products don’t have to travel longer distances and helps to reduce our carbon footprint. Not only that, but we’ve always kept the entire lifecycle of our products in mind when manufacturing, from the extraction and production of raw materials to the design, manufacture and use of the products, and finally recycling. At the same time, we are always trying to optimise the energy efficiency of our equipment.

Trak is proud to be Made in Britain

Here at Trak, we’re experts in developing and producing storage and handling solutions for the commercial catering and medical industries here in the UK. If you’d like more advice and recommendations for our range of products, get in touch with the team today – we’d be happy to help!