Trak: Dish wash specialists

With over 30 years of experience in conveyorised and dish wash systems, Trak has developed a fantastic reputation as one of the UK’s leading dish wash specialists, among other things.

How do you know that the Trak team are dish wash specialists?

Trak is proud to be known as one of the country’s most noted manufacturers of conveyor and foodservice systems, as well as dish wash specialists.We believe that our holistic approach to our customers requirements yields the very best results for both the catering establishment and the teams working within it. Renowned for our design and manufacturing capabilities, Trak produces outstanding turnkey solutions for many different types of establishment within the commercial catering industry. 

With a track record of innovative design, manufacture and installation services for kitchen logistics, equipment, and conveyor systems, Trak is proud to be recognised as reliable and trusted dish wash specialists. It doesn’t stop there though, the Trak team pride themselves on offering the highest quality customer service both before and after the installation, making sure our customers have everything they need every step of the way.

As dish wash specialists, what makes us different to everyone else?

To ensure we maintain our reputation as dish wash specialists, we are constantly keeping track of the energy efficiency of our products, manufacturing processes and dish wash installations. Ensuring that we operate to the highest of standards is extremely important to the team here at Trak and we believe it gives our clients peace of mind that they are receiving a high quality product that has been manufactured to meet all industry regulations. We hold DIN EN ISO 9001 accreditations and are a member of FCSI (Foodservice Consultants Society International) and CEDA.

Tray clearing advice from the dish wash specialists

A fundamental part of any effective dish wash operation is in fact a suitable tray clearing system. Trak supplies two main styles of tray clearing system: the Cleartrak and the Cordtrak. Both the Cleartrak and the Cordtrak systems are used for clearing trays from restaurant and foodservice areas and can be manufactured bespoke to the layout of each and every commercial catering establishment.

Whilst appropriate dish wash and tray clearing equipment is important, we feel the real backbone of any foodservice operation is the team behind it. As experienced dish wash specialists in this industry, Trak have learnt over the years the best way to optimise your service is to create dynamic and user-friendly workspaces for your staff. Many dish wash specialist companies design and manufacture with only the output in mind, but at Trak we put our focus on making life easier for the team behind the operation. 

By offering these two different types of tray clearing conveyors, we can help ensure you stay on track as they have both been specially designed and developed to ensure maximum efficiency and ease-of-use for the user. 

To meet the ever-changing challenges for the foodservice industry and its workers, we take a unique, more personal approach to business.

Trak projects are developed with consultants in mobile foodservice systems, architects and approved catering equipment distributors. Our in-house design department of experienced engineers are constantly working to improve not only our energy efficiency in-house, but in our products too. 

If you would like to discuss any of your dish wash or tray clearing requirements with a team of dedicated dish wash specialists, our advisors at Trak will be happy to put you on the right track with what your operation needs. Please contact us to get started at  or 0151 549 1010.