The Hupfer ThermaDry

Holding and maintaining food at its optimum temperature is essential to serving great food. Having researched customer needs Hupfer has developed and manufactured the Thermadry unit.

Built with modern heating technology, the super-efficient ThermaDry uses infrared heating lamps that heat the containers through radiation. This provides instant heat-up which saves the user both time and money compared to traditional units that use less efficient coils.

The unit has removable access doors at the rear allowing for maximum convenience when loading or removing gastronorm containers, with the added benefit of easy cleaning. The inner compartment is built with integrated ceramic glass plates for dry heating and helps to maintain a constant temperature using thermostatic controls.

Available in two, three and four GN size the Thermadry drop-in unit requires to be built into the foodservice counter where hot food is served. It boasts a newly developed gantry to ensure the ThermaDry is the ultimate, energy-efficient, hot holding drop-in unit with the ability to serve piping hot, delicious food every time.

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