Safely Transporting and Serving Food

When transporting and serving hot and chilled food in various environments, food safety is our number one concern. Whether serving food in a hospital or corporate environment, it is essential to the safety of the consumer that food is not only stored hygienically, but also at an optimum temperature.

Usually when we talk about food safety, we are referring to the food itself: how it was prepared, its temperature and the hygiene of the kitchen it has been prepared in. For Hupfer, food safety also extends to the safety of the person serving and transporting it. Our main aim is to make work flow, so all of our products are designed with both the user and consumer  in mind. A wide selection of options and accessories means each of our products can be personalised to meet your specific needs.

In order to comply with the legal requirements in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, cold food must be kept at 8˚C or below to be fit for consumption.This means not only should the mode of storage or transportation be set to the correct temperature, it must also remain at that temperature during the entire time. For example, when serving multiple residents in a healthcare facility, the doors of the transport cart will be opened several times throughout the process which can affect the temperature of the unit and the food inside it. All Hupfer food transport products, including the ISOBOX, are equipped with advanced temperature control technology to help maintain a safe environment for the food, ensuring that the last meal is as hot as the first.

The same can be said for the transportation and serving of hot food. In this case, the food can be stored at temperatures up to 100˚C in suitable hot holding equipment, to be safe for consumption. However, the safety of the user is vital when transporting and serving hot food to avoid any burn-related injuries. The Hupfer ISOBOX is a great example of the importance placed on user-safety. With double-walled, hinged doors that open 270° and can be held in place with magnets, the ISOBOX makes storing and removing food from its compartments simple and safe. This food transportation system also comes with the option to add a door lock. This feature works well as a failsafe for when you are on the move, or if you work with children or vulnerable adults. 

At Hupfer we pride ourselves on offering not just one, but a wide range of food serving equipment that both stores and transports food safely. Let’s take a closer look at some of our best food safety products:


The Hupfer ISOBOX® range comes in single or double fully insulated compartments, this can be either one above the other or side by side. There are optional, exchangeable modules for keeping food hot, cold or at a neutral temperature, along with doors that can be hinged on the left or right, ensuring high levels of flexibility when transporting hot and cooled foods.

Heated Dispensers

Hupfer plate dispensers have the lowest empty weight in comparison to other products on the market, whilst remaining reliable, durable and robust. The installation height of 900 mm is the standard working height in food distribution. In addition, the diameter of the stacking compartment for small, large and odd shaped crockery reduces the loss of heat.

Mobile Bain Maries

Hupfer mobile bain-maries have two push handles installed on the corners of the unit to ensure easy and safe handling. Available in tubular heating for wet/dry use or with foil heating for wet use only. Foil heating significantly reduces the heating time while providing the same output, as well as reducing the heat emitted by the outer housing, thereby allowing savings in energy costs in the long term.

Food Transport Trolleys

The Hupfer food transport trolley uses foil heating elements in the well area which significantly reduces the heating time. Options for sliding tops, hinged lids, overhead gantry with light/head are available in this range. The cabinets feature a capacity up to 25 % greater in comparison to other products available in the marketplace (based on the 65 mm deep GN containers that are placed in it).

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