Let’s talk Conveyor Systems

A fundamental part of any effective dish wash operation is in fact a suitable tray clearing conveyor system. Trak supplies two main styles of conveyor system for tray clearing: the Cleartrak and the Cordtrak.  Both the Cleartrak and the Cordtrak systems are used for clearing trays from restaurant and foodservice areas and can be manufactured bespoke to the layout of each and every commercial catering establishment.

By offering these different types of tray clearing conveyors, we can help ensure you stay on track as they have both been specially designed and developed to ensure maximum efficiency for the user.

Let’s talk conveyor systems: the Cleartrak System

With its distinctive features and three different models, the Cleartrak System is one of the most efficient tray return systems we provide.

With a unique tray system, the return rate to the dish wash area is highly efficient, meaning less staff are needed. By optimising this area of your operation, your team will have more time to focus on the important things.

All of our conveyor system models also have a high capacity tray deposit that requires minimum space and is easy to use for customers and staff alike. The panels and carriers on the conveyors are available in stainless steel and can be painted with any colour to match with the interior design of your restaurant.

Let’s talk conveyor systems: Cleartrak HiLo Tray Clearing Carousel

When you need to get trays from the guest area into the dish wash room with ease, the Cleartrak Unit is the best choice. It turns the arduous task of tray clearance into a quick and simple job. With an easy-to-use tray deposit, the Cleartrak HiLo has a unique electrically-interlocked safety system that protects users by immediately stopping the conveyor when a bracket or carrier is disabled. As with the original Cleartrak system, the HiLo is also available with stainless steel or painted panels and carriers that can be customised to any RAL colour that suits your branding.

The Cleartrak Hilo features a high capacity tray deposit that takes up minimum space compared to some of the alternative solutions, making it ideal for places like schools. The tray carriers are automatically lowered on the restaurant side for a lower clearing height and all Cleartrak Hilo systems are Equalities Act compliant (formerly DD Act).

Our Cleartrak range also includes the Cleartrak Compact Tray Clearing Carousel, perfect for those with a shortage of space and also includes the Compact plus system when a forward sort system is required.

Let’s talk conveyor systems: Cordtrak System

The CordTrak System conveyors are an excellent tray clearing solution for larger restaurants as they can cover almost any distance between the tray deposit in the restaurant and the dishwash area.

These specific conveyors can be used when the deposit area is remotely positioned away from the dish wash area. This system also reduces operational costs as it eradicates the need for manual tray return, streamlining your operation and leaving staff more time for other tasks.

Let’s talk conveyor systems: Cordtrak Conveyor Tray Clearing Conveyor Return

With the flexibility of the Cordtrak Conveyor we can overcome any and every obstacle you may encounter. From remote dish wash areas to difference in floor levels – any issue can be solved by our conveyor systems specialists at Trak. Whilst there are many benefits to this particular system, such as its minimal footprint (just 500mm wide) and its various bend details which allows for all conveyor routes to be achieved, the main benefit is the reduction in operational costs due to elimination of the need for a manual tray return.

If you are looking for a complete solution, our Cordtrak Conveyors can easily be integrated with the Towertrak Systems or Spiral Systems to go between different floor levels.

If you would like to discuss any of your requirements with a team of dedicated conveyor systems specialists, our advisors at Trak will be happy to put you on the right track with what your operation needs. Please contact us to get started at sales@trak-systems.com  or 0151 549 1010.