How Trak Supports Dealers

At Hupfer and Trak, our dedicated teams work extremely hard to help assist distributors within the UK by offering a wide range of services and support.

From our Trak and Hupfer UK base in Merseyside, we offer a unique design service to all of the distributors we work with, and this can also include AutoCAD and revit if this is required.

The team at Trak are highly experienced in developing quality tray clearing systems for commercial catering environments, and our team are able to use this knowledge and expertise to support distributors in developing and producing a range of tray clearing systems.

At the Hupfer UK base, our team work hard to develop bespoke foodservice solutions such as storage systems, transport trolleys, tray clearing solutions and much more. We are always eager to work with distributors as well as consultants to discover new ways we can help support them in their catering projects in any way we can.

Both Hupfer and Trak offer BIM library through the quote and design software, Specifi, and this will also be available soon on other platforms such as EFCEM BIM. Our team can also provide the required BIM files if the distributor needs bespoke equipment that is tailored to their preferences.

Hupfer and Trak currently do not offer any 3D or virtual reality (VR) tours, however we are happy to assist distributors with models who have the technology to do so.

As well as this, both Trak and Hupfer are pleased to offer advice to dealers, design houses and consultants who require advice on how to use our equipment. If clients request our help from an early stage, this allows us to work together throughout the whole project to provide the most efficient solution to the end user in a way that saves time and will provide benefits to both the client and the dealer.

For more information on how Hupfer and Trak can assist you and provide support with your next commercial catering project, get in touch with Hupfer at or Trak at Alternatively, call the Trak office number on 0151 549 1010.