Getting the most out of your equipment with equipment maintenance

Whether you work with catering or medical equipment, keeping up with the proper maintenance requirements will ensure your equipment is effective for its maximum lifespan. Whilst many view maintenance as an additional cost to their operation, by taking a proactive approach you can not only ensure smooth day-to-day usage, but also prevent the need to prematurely replace your equipment; saving money in the long run.

All Hupfer products are designed and manufactured with durability in mind. Each product should offer a lifetime of service, but without the correct maintenance, you may find that your equipment is not performing at its best capacity. Here are a few tips to ensure your equipment is always working at the utmost efficiency.

Opt for on-demand maintenance service

Whilst Hupfer equipment is manufactured to not require regular maintenance check ups, it is still important to have a plan in place for when maintenance is required. Hupfer offers an on-demand maintenance service, with specialist engineers checking carts and ensuring Hupfer original parts are used for any repairs.

It’s unlikely that any new carts and equipment will require any maintenance services within the first few years of service. After this time, it is good practice to schedule an assessment to ensure all of your equipment is working to the best of its ability.

Committing to a maintenance schedule to suit you and your products can reduce the chances of your equipment breaking down or becoming faulty on the job and allows you to plan in any repairs at a convenient time for you. We want your equipment to last for many years to come, and with the correct maintenance and care it will.

Get to know your equipment

This may seem like an obvious one, but you would be surprised how much unnecessary maintenance is undertaken simply because users are not familiar with the equipment they are working with.

Knowing your equipment inside and out will help you in detecting any faults much quicker and scheduling an appropriate maintenance visit in a timely manner. Knowing what is normal for your equipment and acting quickly when spotting a potential issue can save time and money, and prevent the need to buy new equipment.

For the vast majority, faults in equipment are due to a broken or faulty component, which usually means a quick and easy fix. Hupfer offer a wide range of spare parts to get your operation back up and running as quickly as possible. 

Keep a record of any maintenance carried out

If your equipment has had any repair work or maintenance carried out, no matter how minor, it should be noted down in a clear and professional way. This helps to keep your team members informed of any previous or potential issues with the equipment, as well as aiding technicians on future maintenance visits. For many working environments, it is also essential that you have the right documentation to prove your equipment has been maintained correctly and is safe to use.

Get your old equipment out of storage

If you have out of use medical carts taking up space or whether you’re now using them as extra cupboard space, now is the time to fix them up and make full use of them again! Bring them back to life with our Trak in-house maintenance. We have original spare parts available as well as the technical knowledge and expertise to get the job done in the most effective and efficient manner.

Extend equipment life with the right maintenance for your equipment

If we can help with maintenance or if you need any advice and recommendations for the best medical or catering equipment, get in touch with the team today.