Bird & Bird

Trak was assigned by distributor Shine Foods to manufacture a consultant-led (Tricon) catering project. Numerous meetings and discussions took place with the end-user about catering sustainability and multipurpose design. Initially, the clients wanted to review their staff and client hospitality space, setting out to provide a simplified servery area. 

As a result, Trak manufactured a high-end bespoke grab and go and a hot and cold servery area which was the focus of the design. Trak provided the kitchen logistics via parent company, Hupfer, this included stainless steel plate trolleys, general-purpose, heavy-duty trolleys and stainless steel plate clearing to the large coffee shop, within the hospitality area.

The counter design included a seamless Corian worktop and frontage resulting in a monolithic finish to all areas. The ornate powder-coated steel display gantry above all main counters enhanced the clean seamless lines throughout the servery. The grab and go and coffee areas used energy-efficient hydrocarbon refrigeration and the bespoke chef’s theatre was comprised of numerous heated sections resulting in Trak delivering a stunning yet practical restaurant and coffee bar space on the 11th floor.