Stonyhurst College

It was our pleasure to work with Stonyhurst College in Clitheroe to transform their dishwash facilities and increase overall efficiency in their large-scale kitchens.

Stonyhurst College is the UK’s leading Catholic boarding and day school for 3-18 year olds. With the majority of their students boarding with them full-time, the prestigious college serves three meals a day to hundreds of pupils everyday.

Stonyhurst College came to us with a need to reduce their operating costs and improve workflow across all areas of their catering operation. 

In order to increase efficiency and improve workflow in their busy food preparation area, Trak installed a top of the range dishwash system including a HiLo system, rack conveyor and outlet roller table. This particular set up of a system is used to help with the efficiency of tray returns. The HiLo is very popular for use in schools and colleges due to the tray carriers automatically being lowered on the restaurant and serving side.

All of our systems are tailored to suit each individual site’s needs and are 100% DDA compliant.

The reasons for installing this particular system at the college was to reduce operation costs as less staff will be required as well as the efficiency of the system and its bespoke design. Another appealing aspect of this dishwash and tray-clearing system is the longevity of the products. This, paired with our fully comprehensive maintenance programme offered gave peace of mind to Stonyhurst College. 

As specialists in dishwashing, we also work alongside many of the major dishwash companies and so our conveyors are made to suit most profiles of their equipment.

Our partnership with Hupfer allowed us to incorporate Hupfer products into the project without the need to source from a third-party supplier. The products we used included the easy rider system, shelving and plate dispensers.