Conveyor Systems: making life easier

Whatever your specific commercial catering environment, an efficient and reliable conveyor system is essential for any belt-based food distribution. As kitchen logistics specialists, we take a comprehensive look at all your processes and offer solutions for all requirements, tailored to your circumstances on site.

There are many advantages to using a conveyor system as part of your meal make  up and distribution service, such as:

  • Operation and the flow of items simplified by semi-automated food distribution with system components elected to meet the pressures of time and other demands.
  • Increased efficiency by fine-tuning the belt speed to match the serving of portions by the distribution team.
  • Optimum hygiene through easy-to-clean construction.
  • Guaranteed operational safety through special construction features.

Our conveyorised systems range consists of Meal Make Up Conveyors (both cord and belt versions), in addition to Crockey Return Belts. Each of these EUCON food distribution belts and  

EUCON dirty crockery return system can be easily installed in almost any space at short notice in a technically sophisticated modular design. Whilst each of these conveyor systems contributes to the smooth running of any commercial catering establishment, they each play a different role.

Meal Make Up Conveyor Systems – Cord & Belt Versions

There are many similarities between the Hupfer cord and belt meal make up conveyors, such as:

  • Both are made from high quality stainless steel.
  • They both work on a hygienic, self-supporting construction making them easy to operate.
  • Both systems offer the choice between height-adjustable polymer screw feet or castors in the mobile versions.

Another key feature of these two systems is their modular design. Hupfer pride themselves on the diversity and versatility of their equipment, and this is no exception. By utilising a modular design, we are able to find a bespoke solution for any and every commercial catering facility.

So, why choose one over the other? The short answer is that the belt conveyor can be used for trays and loose equipment, whereas the cord conveyor can only be used with trays.

Crockery Return Conveyor System

The HUPFER® EUCON-SGR used-crockery return system is made up of multiple individual modules. This means that the operators or future operators of the system can create a bespoke design that is suitable for their kitchen space. Each module can be fitted together to adapt to the space it is placed in, whether in round belt, belt band or plate versions. As this is a standard range based on the modular principle, the modules are already available; ensuring speedy delivery times.

This also means that in most cases there is no need to produce special components, thus reducing costs for both parties. We suggest adding items such as tray, platform or basket stackers, cutlery-lifting magnets and cutlery soaking trolley for maximum efficiency in your commercial kitchen.

The end-user is at the heart of everything we do when designing and refining our products. The design and the detail of all  HUPFER® food distribution belts and crockery return belts are based on maximising user benefit, simplifying work, and operational safety.

Not sure which conveyor system is best for your organisation? Contact Paul Franks on 07947 322256 to see what we can do for you.