A closer look at the Isobox Mobil

There are many demands on everyone who works in the foodservice industry. Commercial kitchens, catering operations, cafeterias and staff canteens: all of these environments are facing the same issues, specifically around safe and effective food transportation. We design and manufacture products that support the teams working in any and every foodservice environment by making their work easier and simplifying their procedures.

The ISOBOX®Mobil is the result of our continually user-oriented product development program. From cooking to serving, food distribution logistics can now be handled safely and efficiently with this product. The system works on easy changeable modules that can keep food warm or cold at just the flick of a switch, meaning you can adapt the ISOBOX®Mobil to meet your varying requirements each and every day. With special insulation features, you need not worry about any interruption to the power supply as the technology ensures thermal separation from both the outside ambient temperature and the temperature of the other modules in use. The ISOBOX®Mobil can also be operated by battery, which fully charges within 3 hours of being connected to the mains.

The ISOBOX®Mobil means no limitations when it comes to storing food at safe and optimum temperatures. First keep food warm and then cold, keep some food warm and some cold at the same time, one above the other or side by side depending on the model and design. The modular technology and the special insulation of the ISOBOX Mobil offer the user a host of possible combinations wherever it is used. The ISOBOX®Mobil means serving and transporting food without limits.

This innovation from Hupfer doesn’t just simplify temperature control, it also aids in streamlining the transportation element of serving food in a commercial or medical environment. With its small dimensions, large loading capacity and light weight, the ISOBOX®Mobil was designed with its end user in mind. Replacing a whole rank of trolleys with this singular product will help your team respond quickly to ever-changing needs. The easy operation, rapid conversion and small size of this food transportation product are useful qualities not only when in the production kitchen, but also on its food distribution route. For stationary serving, the ISOBOX®Mobil can be directly inserted into the serving counter, simplifying processes for the operators.

With up to 30 insertion rails, the ISOBOX®Mobil offers plenty of space for GN containers of different sizes within a small area. The pivottable doors can be locked in position to allow for optimum freedom of movement during loading.

Designed with smooth, easy to clean surfaces and ergonomic push handles, the ISOBOX®Mobil looks the part, even in the dining area. The coloured side panels can also be customised to your operation’s requirements.

Want to find out more about how the ISOBOX®Mobil can transform your kitchen logistics? Get in touch.

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