Which plate dispenser do I need?

Whether they are placed at a conveyor belt or at a serving point, adding a plate dispenser to your commercial catering facility simplifies your processes whilst adding flexibility to your operation.

Although they are a simple product, plate dispensers can play an important role in any foodservice operation – particularly within the healthcare sector. Keeping plates organised and ready for use anywhere between the meal make-up conveyor line to the front-of-house serving station streamlines processed and makes for a more efficient service.

The vast range of plate dispensers on the market can be overwhelming. When choosing the correct plate dispenser for your commercial catering service, it is important to be aware of the differences and options available to ensure the product will meet your facility’s needs.

Standard Hupfer Plate Dispenser

This dispenser (TE 2/19-26 P/N 0162805), like all Hupfer products, was designed with the end user in mind. The dispenser has manually adjustable stainless steel tension springs that can be adjusted to the same output height, making it easier for the operator. Each of the three crockery guides in the plate stacking compartment are also easily adjustable without the need for tools.

The Hupfer plate dispenser TE 2/19-26 has the lowest empty weight of any other product on the market and runs on 4 swivel caster wheels with two push handles for optimal handling. These handles are ergonomically shaped to guarantee effective injury protection for the operator.

With outer housing manufactured out of high-quality stainless steel, the exterior of this unit is easy to hygienically maintain. Due to the strategically placed cleaning opening in the base plate, the internal elements of this system can be cleaned easily from above and below.

Plate dispenser with cooling slots

The Hupfer plate dispenser TE 2/19-26 K features all-round cooling slots to ensure a rapid exchange of air in order to cool the tableware effectively. In comparison to other plate dispensers in the Hupfer range, the TE 2/19-26 K is much smaller and lighter than its sister products. It does however, also feature our popular ergonomically shaped push handles on the corners of the unit to guarantee effective and safe handling. This unit is 900mm tall and complies with the standard working height for food distribution guidelines.

Heated Plate Dispenser

Made from the same durable stainless steel outer casing as the previous models, the Hupfer heated plate dispenser TE/H 19-26 helps to reduce temperature losses and heating times thanks to the polycarbonate cover hood with 3-point locking mechanism.

Heated by a stainless steel tubular heating element, the unit is simply operated through the use of an On/Off switch complete with an integrated indicator light. The unit is thermostat-controlled via a temperature controller that is easy to read even from a distance, with a built-in temperature limiter for maximum safety.

Plate dispenser with fan assisted heating

Similarly to the Hupfer Heated Plate Dispenser, this fan assisted version also uses a polycarbonate hood to reduce temperature loss and heating times but is instead powered by a power module with an integrated motor fan impeller and stainless steel tubular heating element. This then allows for automatic convection. With safety features such as the On/Off switch with integrated indicator light and polymer corner bumpers, this plate dispenser is both safe and easy to use.

The Hupfer plate dispenser TE/UH 19-26 VS not only allows for shorter heating times, but also more consistent crockery temperatures. By adapting the diameter of the stacking compartment for smaller crockery diameters, the TE/UH 19-26 VS reduces any loss of heat.

In-counter plate dispenser

The Hupfer in-counter plate dispenser EBR-TE 19-26 is a much different design to the others. Featuring an open design with an open stacking compartment and plastic-coated stacking platform, the in-counter plate dispenser is perfect for improving the longevity of your crockery by preventing discolourations.

The Hupfer in-counter plate dispenser has an adjustable guide that protrudes 57mm above the support frame which can be fixed in place. The use of non-rusting stainless steel springs   provides optimal adjustment options for different crockery diameters and loads These springs  that are easy to insert and remove for the end user.

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