The Trak Rebrand Story

The Trak Rebrand Story

It’s an exciting time here at Trak and we are pleased to announce that we have undergone a rebrand and transformed our firm simply Trak – this is part of our new focus on delivering excellence to the UK foodservice industry.

The rebrand marks a fresh start for us and is part of our new vision we have for our customers and further increasing the quality of our products and services, representing a change in the company.

We have been delighted to introduce new people to the business and expanding on our range of products, and it only seemed right that a complete rebrand of the whole business would move Trak forward to be able to keep up with the ever-changing technologies in the modern world.

The decision to rebrand TrakHupfer was something our team put a lot of thought into, and the changes we have made have been decided purely with our customers in mind.

The reasons behind our changes were mainly due to the fact that Trak have become a full  member of the Hupfer group due to Hupfer becoming more involved with what we do.

We also understood that our old brand was slightly confusing to our customers and to potential new customers, as they didn’t quite understand whether we were known as just Trak or Hupfer.

As simply Trak, we are a small, local manufacturer with a personal touch and are part of the larger Hupfer group.

We have the full support from Hupfer and their main headquarters in Germany regarding the design, productions efficiency and systems whilst still maintaining the ‘small business start-up’ vibe we had initially established.

With the help from Hupfer, we manufacture a wide selection of kitchen logistics, and create conveyors and systems for dishwashing and tray clearing, as well as bespoke counters for operators within the foodservice industry.

We hope that this rebrand will further establish Trak as a reliable and dedicated business with a focus on our customers and the products we develop, and we hope you all like what we’ve done!

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