Save Energy, Save Money, Save Time with the Therma Dry

Helping the planet AND making life easier? It must be the Hupfer Therma Dry.

For all industries, the energy cost crisis is a fundamental issue at the moment – and the commercial catering industry is no exception. Keeping energy consumption, and therefore energy costs, to a minimum is a universal goal, and Hupfer is happy to help.

Our high standards and the demand for energy-efficient equipment mean that our engineers are always keen to optimise the energy efficiency of all our new and existing products. As experts in kitchen logistics, we have been able to reduce the energy consumption of some of our most popular products by up to 50%, and the Therma Dry is no exception. Through dedication to our customers and the use of new innovative technology, the Therma Dry now uses 63% less energy than before. Better for the planet, better for your pocket. 

The Therma Dry uses infrared instead of water to keep food warm. When in use, the heat is available immediately, meaning food is ready to go in mere minutes! The Therma Dry uses the thermal energy of infrared radiation to maintain a constant temperature without requiring a water supply or any form of preheating. This technology allows your operation to save on precious time and keep equipment running costs to a minimum.

This means that the daily challenge of loading hot food into your servery becomes a simple, safe and effortless task. Food can then be served directly from the unit. Less stress for staff and a lower energy requirement: a real win-win.

Therma Dry has many benefits, including:

  • Greater safety and faster work processes
  • Heat available immediately
  • No steam hazard
  • Lower energy input
  • No limescale, making the system easy to clean
  • No water pipes and no 400 V connection required

The commercial catering industry will always be looking for new ways to cook and serve food  more efficiently, that also ensure consumer satisfaction. The Therma Dry is guaranteed to keep food hot, tasting great and retain the nutritional value of each and every meal.

Why is it called the Therma Dry?

The term Therma Dry refers to the use of dry heat. This method transfers heat to food without using any moisture. Dry-heat typically involves high heat, however Therma Dry using its innovative infrared thermal energy is an inexpensive option and will not cause pollution or toxic fumes. When food is exposed to heat for a lesser period of time, the nutritional value of food is maintained. Maintaining the nutritional value of the ingredients in a meal is an important part of commercial catering, particularly in the medical and care sectors.

What about money and energy savings?

With the cost of living on the rise and increasing energy bills, every industry is looking to see where they can make smart investments that not only save time, but also save money. The revolutionary Therma Dry system pays for itself in under 5 years, and you can start making savings in just over 2 years! At Hupfer, we pride ourselves on putting the customer and end-user first at all times. Our designs are not only adapted ergonomically, but we are also constantly working to ensure our equipment is as efficient as can be. Take a closer look at the numbers here.

Want to know more about the Therma Dry?

The Therma Dry has already changed the way kitchen staff prepare meals for guests. If you’re looking for optimum food presentation whilst saving money and energy in the long run, you may want to consider the Therma Dry.