Köhler® Banquet Trolley: The good all-rounder

The banquet trolley is at the heart of any food service operation. From schools to hospitals to prisons, any organisation that is serving multiple hot or cold meals at one time relies heavily on their banquet trolley equipment.

Is the Köhler® Banquet Trolley a sustainable choice?

With more and more pressure being put on the foodservice equipment industry to find commercial catering solutions that are both functional and sustainable for the environment. Hupfer is committed to not only designing and manufacturing new products that meet demanding sustainability standards, but we are also committed to adapting our existing product catalogue to a lower energy consumption.

The Köhler® Banquet Trolley is the perfect example of sustainability and economy combined. Guaranteed energy saving, the strong insulation of our Köhler® banquet trolley ensures long temperature stability even without power supply. Each of the four models available (standard, heated, heated with passive cooling, heated with fan-assisted cooling) are double-walled and closed on all sides. All of the walls and doors are thermally insulated and CFC-free.

Will the Köhler® Banquet Trolley make our lives easier?

The Köhler® Banquet Trolley is a fit for everyone. It is easy to manoeuvre through ergonomically adapted vertical push bars, making it easy to use even going through doorways. The ability to position and directly fill the banquet trolley close to where your hot or cold food is being prepared is a major advantage for the end-user. Pre-prepared ingredients for other working areas can also be transported within the kitchen area and be easily and hygienically stored for later use.

Each model of the banquet trolley can be filled with its own containers and/or with plates on racks if required. Gastronorm containers can also be placed on insert rails. Banquet trolleys using these containers can be transported within the kitchen area or even elsewhere for off-site catering. Another great feature of this premium banquet trolley is its double-walled, double-wing door with spring-supported door lock, which can be opened by 270° with one hand – we like to make things easy. Even the cleaning.

Cleaning the Köhler® Banquet Trolley

Easy cleaning should not be a luxury, it should be an essential feature, especially in the foodservice equipment industry. The two interior fully-removable shelf uprights with 23 L-shaped shelf rails at vertical distances of 57.5 mm mean that even the inside compartments of this banquet trolley are easy to clean. The entire Köhler® Banquet Trolley is made entirely of high-quality stainless steel for hygiene purposes.

Will the Köhler® Banquet Trolley cover all of my needs?

The four different Köhler® banquet trolley models from Hupfer cover all of your commercial catering needs. All of the questions involved in preparing food, temporarily storing it, keeping it hot or cold, transporting and serving it can be answered with this banquet trolley. The four model series has been designed to meet the widest possible range of requirements: unpowered, heated, actively cooled and one model with a heated substructure and a passively cooled top section.

The Köhler® banquet trolley from Hupfer will ensure that the food they carry is easy to access, allowing everyone at the table to be served at virtually the same time. This functionally-oriented technology allows hot and cold food service at events, banquets and a wide range of locations to be planned in detail and carried out smoothly. The banquet trolleys‘ superior  insulation saves on energy consumption, and therefore energy  costs. The sturdy construction, reliable technology and timeless design mean that the banquet trolleys are not only a sound investment for the future but also make a significant and favourable difference to your food service operation from the get-go.

Want to know more about the Köhler® Banquet Trolley?

The Köhler® Banquet Trolley has already made big changes to the commercial catering establishments they have been placed in. If you’re looking for optimum efficiency whilst saving money and energy in the long run, you may want to find out more.