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Efficient Processes

Commercial kitchens can be a fast-paced, intense operation, and having quality catering products to suit your operation can help to ease the pressure and allow your kitchen to run successfully. Expertly designed and manufactured kitchen logistics are the key to keeping all areas of a commercial kitchen working simultaneously and to the highest standards within a catering environment.  

Hupfer: the specialist in kitchen logistics

The extent of the Hupfer range as a whole means that the widest range of different catering models and individual requirements of the catering team can be supported in a targeted way. The maximisation of customer benefits results in day-to-day operations running more efficiently, economically and smoothly. With this precise aim, HUPFER® develops technically creative, user-oriented products and systems which focus on areas of benefit such as the simplification of work and processing, organisation, space saving, ergonomics, safety at work, hygiene, easy cleaning, efficiency and economics.

Our main catering products


The Specialist In Kitchen Logistics

Hupfer develops technically creative, user-orientated products and systems which focus on areas such as the simplification of work and processing, hygiene and easy cleaning and more. Our leading range of Hupfer logistical products means that we can cater to the individual needs of your catering team. 

Hupfer Kitchen Logisits

Our Benefits

Energy efficiency

Our energy objectives not only apply to our cost-saving products, but also all areas of our company in which we reconcile ecology with economy.

Family owned business

Boasting 150 years of continuous growth and success, we are proud to be part of the German-based Hupfer Group.


With fully automated laser cutting and automated robotic welding, we manufacture lean to ISO 9001 standards.

Made in Europe

All of the fabrication work manufactured by Trak is done by our experienced and dedicated team of joiners.

Optimised processes

We are pleased to operate from modern facilities that are constantly being improved to ensure we are producing the highest quality.


Make sure you visit us at HQ for the chance to see our wide range of products and those being manufactured on site.

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