Getting to know the EVOMULTI

Do you transport and serve multiple meals in a commercial catering facility? Then you will know the constant battle of managing the weight and size of a multiportion food trolley without compromising on quality of service.

Enter the EVOMULTI.

The EVOMULTI is the lightest convection heated multiportion trolley on the market. Its compact design means the end user can transport the EVOMULTI trolley with ease, and without compromising on performance. The trolley can be configured in various sizes with heated, refrigerated, plate warming and neutral compartments to meet each individual’s requirements.

The EVOMULTI can adapt to any environment. Choose from mobile distribution, for Ward service in hospitals and dining areas in care homes etc. or opt for stationary distribution which may be better suited for hospital restaurants/serveries, schools, workplaces and catering services. The superior thermal insulation and the smart design of the internal compartments maintain outstanding heat retention during transportation (without power), which also ensures food temperature safety in the event of a power cut during meal service.

The EVOMULTI is ideal for reheating and maintaining the temperature of pre-cooked meals in accordance with HACCP requirements, but it doesn’t stop there. This trolley also has the added functionality of cooking at temperatures up to 170°C, ideal for breakfast offerings and hot snack items throughout the day. The trolley provides gentle regeneration, without stressing the food, meaning that the quality is maintained throughout the entire meal serving process.

The EVOMULTI has been designed with the end-user in mind. The easy-to-use control panel offers maximum control, in the simplest way possible. The control panel is also where the preset programme list can be found. When the trolley is in standby mode, the operator can access this list and amend programmes if/as and when required. Programming can also be restricted for exclusive access by more senior levels of staff to avoid tampering.

Optional Extras for the EVOMULTI

We appreciate that no organisations are the same, and that translates to their meal serving requirements too. The EVOMULTI has a wide range of optional extras that allow the customer to customise their food transport trolley to meet their exacting requirements.

For example, to create more space on your trolley, there is the option to add up to 3 foldaway shelves to help maximise your work space. Each of these individual shelves can be fitted with additional container holders or bag holders – perfect for speedy clearing on the go!


The standard model of the EVOMULTI comes with two side barriers assembled on the work surface, however there is the option to add one or two additional barriers so as to close off all open sides of the top surface area for maximum safety. All units have the option for lockable trolley doors to prevent unauthorised people from opening them if/when unattended and lower the risk of accidents.

Full training is offered for the lifetime of all the products we manufacture and supply, which is particularly useful for refresher training, new members of your team or staff changes.

If you would like to find out more about the EVOMULTI, get in touch with Paul Franks on 07947 322256 to see how the EVOMULTI can add value to your meal service.