Food Transportation and Distribution Systems

Food Transportation and Distribution Systems

Our parent company, Hupfer, have the knowledge and expertise in food transportation and distribution systems and have a range of trolleys suitable for use within commercial foodservice establishments.

One establishment in which Hupfer food transportation trolleys can be used in is within hospitals, in which trolleys are needed to transport the food from the kitchen areas to patients on the wards.

There are several types of trolleys which are suitable for this and are useful for serving all types of hot and cold meals, however it is vital that you choose the right trolley for your establishment, particularly within hospitals.

Breakfast trolleys

A dedicated breakfast trolley can help improve the service for both hospital staff and the patient. Using a strong, robust trolley not only helps with transporting food and drink around but also allows for maximum safety and efficiency, with the aim of delivering breakfast to patients in a timely manner.

However, the key to choosing the right trolley for serving breakfast depends on many factors, such as the breakfast menu, number of patients being served, the distance and route from the kitchen and the service on offer.

It is important that the trolley is made of stainless steel as it can be easily cleaned compared to other materials. Also, the option of two, three, four or five shelves should be considered for the number of meals being served.

The weight load must also be considered as this can impact the castors, and Hupfer have even added the option of the shelves being enclosed or partially enclosed on their trolleys.

Regen trolleys

When it comes to regen trolleys for hospitals, Hupfer have multiple options in trolleys and carts when food regeneration is required. They use the latest innovation in induction technology which can bring hot food up to the desired serving temperature whilst not affecting the temperature of ambient or cold food.

Hupfer also provide passive or fan assisted cooling trolleys if this is required, and can also provide software technology to set-up an ordering and food serving system to maximise speed and efficiency.

Hot and cold plated meal distribution

With hot and cold plated meal distribution within hospitals, Hupfer can provide space saving crockery called ‘Porcelain norm’ which is stackable. Differing from traditional crockery, the Porcelain norm is square shaped, and also has the additional benefit of being supplied in a dispenser for transport and space saving.

The benefits of Hupfer crockery are that the tray space is maximised with a 65% saving compared to standard crockery. Hupfer also provide trays that are designed around the crockery, giving the benefit of maximising food and tray size whilst minimising the tray size to 50% than that of a standard tray.

This range has also been manufactured with the end user in mind as they will be saving on time, space and comfort with smaller trays.


There are several accessories that are available for hospital distribution trolleys, and Hupfer have a wide range of accessories to complement serving trolleys and carts.

There are many accessories such as Gastronorm containers with lids, Euronorm trays both with or without regen capability, and Hupfer can even provide crockery and dispensers for transportation and serving.

Additionally, Hupfer can also supply stainless steel wax filled warming pellets for use in regen carts and when used with insulation, this enables great performance with cook serve.

To find out more information on Hupfer’s range of food transportation and serving trolleys, visit their catering transport page on the main Hupfer website

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