Elevate your meal service with Heated Power Bases

Keeping patient meals at their optimum temperature throughout service times has always been a challenge in the commercial catering industry. Whether you are serving hot or cold meals, it is important to keep the food at its ideal temperature to ensure it both complies with health and safety measures, and also remains enjoyable for the receiver.

Are you looking for a solution to this? Look no further! The Hupfer Heated Power Bases will guarantee a perfect food service experience.

Hupfer Heated Power Bases

How do Heated Power Bases work?

The Hupfer Heated Power Base System works on a stainless steel base sat in a double-walled, homogeneously welded shell with wax filling, covered with a thermoplastic lid for optimum heat retention. This model keeps plates up to 26cm in diameter at the perfect temperature for long distribution periods of up to 120 minutes. With the Hupfer Heated Power Base System you are not limited to just plates for serving, we can also supply an insulated system for soups, puddings and more with the addition of our porcelain soup bowls with 0.43 l (15.1 fl.oz.) capacity and interior spill-stop groove. We also specialise in fully insulated foodservice equipment for cold food, i.e. salads, sandwiches etc.

The deep rim of the insulating cover allows it to sit steadily on the plate to help minimise spillage of the contents, even when transport routes are problematic. There is also a “splash groove” integrated into the design. By using a reinforced foam core, the insulated cloche can facilitate both active and continuous heating of the hot dishes, ensuring the last mouthful is as hot as the first.

Whilst delivering functional meal service solutions is at the heart of what we do, it is also important to us and our customers that patient food is presented well too. The Heated Power Bases use a high-walled cover, allowing ample room for an attractive presentation of the food on the plate. This also means that the system is suitable for serving and transporting larger food items.

Who is using Heated Power Bases?

Our Heated Power Base System has recently been implemented at the James Paget University Hospital in Great Yarmouth. Catering Manager, Nigel Whale, spoke with Trak’s Paul Franks about how they could keep their patients’ meals hotter for longer, both during transportation and feeding. After a very successful trial with the Heated Power Bases, Nigel said, “Our new equipment has helped to streamline our kitchen operations and improve our service to the patients. We did a trial on the heated dishes to keep patient food hotter for longer and we were very satisfied with the results.”

The hospital also reported excellent feedback from the patients themselves, meaning that the product has passed the ultimate test.

Patient and customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do at Trak and Hupfer. For any and every catering requirement you may have, please get in touch with Paul Franks on 07947 322256; he will be more than happy to help in ensuring your meal service allows the last mouthful to be as hot as the first.