Dishwash Conveyors

Dishwash Conveyors

Trak’s Dishwash Conveyors transport loaded baskets directly into a Rack Dishwasher and can reduce the lifting of baskets to load into the dishwash machine. We offer both powered, non-powered, inlet and outlet dishwash conveyors to suit your individual catering demands, with different, optional functions available for use with each conveyor system. 

Basket Conveyors

Our basket conveyors load directly into any dishwasher, and are available as powered or non-powered models. We offer two different systems suitable for various budgets dependent on the restaurant’s needs; the RackTrak conveyor and the RollerTrak conveyor. Both conveyor systems have various options available for use with the machinery, which can be tailored to the requirements of the restaurant. 

RackTrak – Slatted Conveyor

With a fully watertight construction and a built in slat rinse facility, our slatted conveyor is ideal for transport to the dishwasher.

RackTrak – Options

We offer a range of options for our dishwash systems, including bends, emergency stop buttons and stop-start control.

Powered RollerTrak Conveyor

Our powered rollertak conveyor is built on a stainless steel chain driven rollers for maximum efficiency and reliability.

Powered RollerTrak – Options

There are plenty of options to choose from for our rollertrak, including bends, control buttons and a sink bowl.

Non-Powered RollerTrak Conveyor

For the non-powered rollertrak, baskets are manually pushed into the machine, meaning this coveyor is great for cost reduction.