Cleartrak Compact Plus

Cleartrak Compact Tray Clearing Carousel

When you need to get trays from the guest area into the dish wash room the Cleartrak Compact Plus is the most effiecient way, It turns a difficult task of tray clearance into simplicity. We offer the ideal most efficient, cost effective solution that fits the customer individual needs.

The Key Benefits

  • Highly efficient return of trays into dish wash area
  • Tray deposit easy to use for guests
  • Reduces overheads and operational costs as no staff required for tray return
  • Unique electrically interlocked safety system protecting users by immediately stopping the HiLo when a bracket or carrier is disabled
  • Panels and carriers available in stainless or painted in any RAL colour, to blend in with interior design of restaurant

Features & Logistics A Calculated Approach

The Cleartrak Compact Plus is calculated using a tried and trusted formula of approximately 5% of the amount of seats in restaurant, giving you the most accurate amount of tray positions that are available to the customer at any one time.

Cleartrak Size









Seats In Restraunt

110 - 150

160 - 210

220 - 270

280 - 330

340 - 390

400 - 450

460 - 510

520 - 570