Köhler® Banquet Trolley: The good all-rounder

Kohler Banquet Trolley

The banquet trolley is at the heart of any food service operation. From schools to hospitals to prisons, any organisation that is serving multiple hot or cold meals at one time relies heavily on their banquet trolley equipment. Is the Köhler® Banquet Trolley a sustainable choice? With more and more pressure being put on the…

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Save Energy, Save Money, Save Time with the Therma Dry

therma dry

Helping the planet AND making life easier? It must be the Hupfer Therma Dry. For all industries, the energy cost crisis is a fundamental issue at the moment – and the commercial catering industry is no exception. Keeping energy consumption, and therefore energy costs, to a minimum is a universal goal, and Hupfer is happy…

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Getting the most out of your equipment with equipment maintenance

equipment maintenance

Whether you work with catering or medical equipment, keeping up with the proper maintenance requirements will ensure your equipment is effective for its maximum lifespan. Whilst many view maintenance as an additional cost to their operation, by taking a proactive approach you can not only ensure smooth day-to-day usage, but also prevent the need to…

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Conveyor Systems: making life easier

conveyor system

Whatever your specific commercial catering environment, an efficient and reliable conveyor system is essential for any belt-based food distribution. As kitchen logistics specialists, we take a comprehensive look at all your processes and offer solutions for all requirements, tailored to your circumstances on site. There are many advantages to using a conveyor system as part…

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Elevate your meal service with Heated Power Bases

Hupfer Heated Power Bases

Keeping patient meals at their optimum temperature throughout service times has always been a challenge in the commercial catering industry. Whether you are serving hot or cold meals, it is important to keep the food at its ideal temperature to ensure it both complies with health and safety measures, and also remains enjoyable for the…

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James Paget Hospital – Case Study

Having worked with the Catering Facilities team at James Paget Hospital for many years, Paul Franks was asked for his industry knowledge and keen eye for attention to detail, to discuss a solution that worked with/alongside their current equipment used for patient meal service. “It was an absolute pleasure to work with the team at…

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Getting to know the EVOMULTI

Paul Franks with the EVOMULTI

Do you transport and serve multiple meals in a commercial catering facility? Then you will know the constant battle of managing the weight and size of a multiportion food trolley without compromising on quality of service. Enter the EVOMULTI. The EVOMULTI is the lightest convection heated multiportion trolley on the market. Its compact design means…

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Which plate dispenser do I need?

plate dispenser

Whether they are placed at a conveyor belt or at a serving point, adding a plate dispenser to your commercial catering facility simplifies your processes whilst adding flexibility to your operation. Although they are a simple product, plate dispensers can play an important role in any foodservice operation – particularly within the healthcare sector. Keeping…

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A closer look at the Isobox Mobil

isobox mobil

There are many demands on everyone who works in the foodservice industry. Commercial kitchens, catering operations, cafeterias and staff canteens: all of these environments are facing the same issues, specifically around safe and effective food transportation. We design and manufacture products that support the teams working in any and every foodservice environment by making their…

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Transforming 5 departments at Nottingham City Hospital and Queen’s Medical Centre with the ERSS

The Customer Nottingham City Hospital is a large part of Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust. TheTrust, consisting of Nottingham City Hospital, Queen’s Medical Centre (QMC) and RopewalkHouse was formed in 2006 and is now one of the biggest and busiest acute Trusts inEngland. With 14,500 staff providing care to over 6.5million residents of Nottingham and…

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